Kings Dominion’s Big Wave Bay To Be Removed for 2020 Project

On the park’s social media channels today, Kings Dominion started teasing for what’s coming to the park in 2020.

In a 15 second video, fans of the park are encouraged to “Wave” goodbye to Big Wave Bay, as Kings Dominion is “Making Waves” for something new in 2020.

Originally opened in 1999, Big Wave Bay is a A 650,000 gallon wave pool, with giant 4-foot waves. One of two wave pools at Kings Dominion’s Soak City (the other being Tidal Wave Bay), It is located at the southern most point of the water park.

Because we like to put on our tin foil hats with teases from time to time, here are a few things we’ve noticed about the social media tease.

Palm Trees

At 10 seconds into the video, the 2020 is punctuated with a period with two palm trees coming out of it. Could this be a hint a the theme of whatever is coming in 2020? Something tropical? Could the two trees signify that there will be two attractions coming to the space occupied by Big Wave Bay?

Dead Air

The content of the video itself is 10 seconds, but the video goes on for another 5 seconds of darkness. Could this symbolize that an enclosed tube slide (where riders are completely in the dark) is coming? Maybe the experience will be 15 seconds long?

In oddly coincidental news that probably means nothing, 15 seconds could also be a nod to 2015, the last time that Kings Dominion expanded/rebranded their water park, changing the name from Waterworks to Soak City, and new slide complex called Hurricane Heights featuring three unique slides, a new children’s area called Splash Island, while removing the Shoot the Curl speed slides.

What do you think Kings Dominion has up their sleeve for 2020? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Brice says:

    Water coaster to compete with water country new ride?

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