Pandemonium Construction at Six Flags Over Georgia April 2019

Construction is underway at Six Flags Over Georgia as the park prepares for the massive, new-for-2019 Pandemonium swinging pendulum ride.

Earlier this month, I was at the park and took some photos of the progress made so far.

Pandemonium will be a striking addition to the park’s skyline as the pendulum swings 147 feet into the air, reaching a top speed of 70 mph. It will be the tallest of its kind in the Southeast.

As shown in the satellite image above, Pandemonium will occupy the space formerly home to the Thomas the Tank-themed “Thomas Town” (later renamed Whistlestop Park).

I’m a bit surprised that the ride will be set so far back from the midway (it will be built where the small train track is shown in the photo). The giant swinging pendulum will no doubt be a spectacle to watch. Hopefully its placement allows for onlookers to see the ride in action.

While vertical construction had not yet started (as of early April), pieces for the ride were being stored in a nearby staging area.

Pandemonium and the area surrounding it will feature an industrial “steampunk” theme — a trendy theme used at other Six Flags parks in recent years.

The area will be officially known as the “Screampunk District.” This sign erected in the center of the plaza near the ride’s entrance is a nice touch.

It’s almost impossible to miss, even if you’re looking down.

Beyond the ride’s entrance, several buildings have received a “steampunk makeover.”

Funnel cakes are somewhat gear-shaped, right?

Annie’s Guess Your Weight has also been Steampunk-ed.

I was surprised to see how much of the former Thomas the Tank area was still intact.

This building was the station for the miniature train ride as well as a small gift shop. I hope that this building will be repurposed for Pandemonium’s queue.

Surely this will be kept as well — you can never have too many shade structures during a “Hotlanta” summer.

It will be nice to see this area of the park brought back to life after standing nearly untouched for several years.

The park has touted a “late spring” opening for Pandemonium, but an official date has not been set.

What do you think about Six Flags Over Georgia’s 2019 plans? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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    Looks like the sign says “Screampunk”

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