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Georgia Scorcher’s New Red-Hot Color Scheme at Six Flags Over Georgia

While Pandemonium is the star addition to Six Flags Over Georgia in 2019, one of the most exciting changes for coaster enthusiasts is the new coat of paint and color scheme Georgia Scorcher is sporting.

Now before we dive into the new Georgia Scorcher colors, let’s see what the coaster looked like as of 2018:

I’ve seen some very faded paint jobs in my many years of coaster riding, but Georgia Scorcher was in a class all its own. The paint was literally peeling away, especially the dark maroon/purple coating the supports.

Fast forward to April 2019, and the 1999 Bolliger & Mabillard stand-up coaster is receiving a desperately needed new coat of paint — and a red-hot color scheme, too.

Gone is the golden yellow track. The dark maroon/purple supports are no more.

The dark red track and charcoal supports are more fitting for the fire-themed coaster.

I would guesstimate that roughly 70 percent of the coaster has been repainted or at least primed.

I’m interested to know the process behind the order in which track segments are painted. I couldn’t identify a pattern.

Crews were painting the coaster throughout the weekend.

I’ve never watched a coaster being painted before. It was mesmerizing to watch the skilled painters layer on the coats with a spray gun-like device.

The juxtaposition of the red painted track and the white primed track currently gives the coaster a candy cane-like appearance.

The supports are also being layered with a light gray primer in preparation for the darker shade of gray.

Here you can see the different coats of paint primer that will hopefully keep the colors rich and shiny for years to come.


This piece here still needs an additional layer of primer before it receives a coat of red.

Georgia Scorcher isn’t the only Six Flags Over Georgia ride receiving some TLC this year. The park’s Log Jamboree log flume is sporting some new support beams under the trough.

In a time where log flumes are a dying breed, the park’s effort to keep the ride open is very refreshing.

Six Flags Over Georgia hasn’t announced a reopening date yet, but hopefully Georgia Scorcher will be back online by this summer at the latest.

The park repainted and renamed Ninja to Blue Hawk in 2016. The supports are a similar dark gray.

While you wait for Georgia Scorcher to reopen, watch an on-ride POV of the coaster below:

I was bummed that the ride was closed during my visit, but it was a small sacrifice to make for what will be a very sharp-looking coaster celebrating its 20th birthday this year.

To learn more about roller coaster painting, check our 2016 interview with Chris Baynum of coaster-painting pros Baynum Painting.

What do you think about Georgia Scorcher’s new color scheme? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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