Six Flags Magic Mountain to Remove Green Lantern: First Flight

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  1. Harrison says:

    Weird that no one has responded to this yet, specially after the frenzy because of Volcano.

  2. Logan says:

    About damn time. I rode this coaster once and it hurt my back everytime it dropped going down.

  3. Kristine says:

    This coaster was awful. Glad to see it’s getting removed.

  4. Robert says:

    It was very different like doing acrobat stunts. It was only 35 mph. Obese people complain about it but it’s good to have another line to wait in for something else. I’m glad I came into town just in time to try it before it’s gone. I remember the ride Enterprise/Reactor before this one around in the 80’s and I wasn’t around until last year just in time to see all the action and changes happening like never before. I caught up to date with flying colors because of the 365 promotion. I think I’ll come back in year 2030 after you’ve had enough of the newer rides. I basically focus on the top four rides because they are the very most intense perfect rides. Most parks only have a top three but when they get the latest suddenly they act like they got it all. If it’s not hype complaints, it’s hype praise. Dirty competition and fake comments. Out of staters should get the Platinum Pass because it’s crowded now.

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