2019 Park Mania: First Round RESULTS

68 Enter. 64 Left. One Winner, And it All Starts Now!

Here at Coaster101, while we love a good bracket pool, we decided to have some fun with the bracket system this year, and bring back our annual event, this year (in an effort not to get a cease and desist letter) called Park Mania!

Just like the College Basketball tournament, we’ve included parks from across North America, divided into four 16-team geographic regions; East, West, Midwest and South.

However, instead of the parks facing off against each other, we’re going to let you, the readers of decide your pick for your favorite park in North America! (Note: Parks were divided by geography, and loosely ranked on seed lines. We’re just having fun with this. PLEASE do not be offended by the rankings.)

We have updated our voting process slightly this year and are closely monitoring spikes in votes. We will not be reporting exact results on social media during this year’s Park Mania, and voting percentages will be hidden this year. While this might feel less “transparent,” there were concerns with fraudulent votes last year. We reserve the right to remove any potentially fraudulent votes from the results, which kind of defeats the purpose of this being fun. Bottom Line: Don’t cheat and ruin this for your favorite park and everyone else legitimately voting for them!

Each voting round will take place over several days, and the schedule will be as follows. We’ll create a post each day with new polls for voting. All voting will be done right here on, and will end at 8:00pm Eastern Time on the specified date.

Play-In Game Voting: Sunday, March 17-Tuesday, March 19  RESULTS: CLICK HERE!

Round One Voting: Wednesday, March 20-Saturday, March 23

Round Two Voting: Monday, March 24-Wednesday, March 26

Regional Semi-Final Voting: Thursday, March 27-Saturday, March 30

Regional Final Voting: Sunday, March 31-Tuesday, April 2

National Semi-Final Voting: Wednesday, April 3-Friday, April 5.

Championship Voting: Saturday, April 6-Monday, April 8

Winner Announced: Tuesday, April 9

First Round Voting

There are 32 first round match-ups, 8 in each geographic region. Record your votes below. Voting will take place Wednesday, March 20-Saturday, March 23, and voting will end at approximately 8:00pm Eastern Time on Saturday night.

Midwest Region

1/16: Kings Island: 92.7%, Beech Bend 7.3%
8/9: Worlds of Fun: 60.3%, SF St. Louis: 39.7%
5/12: Kentucky Kingdom: 79.1%, Frontier City: 20.9%
4/13: Canada’s Wonderland: 80.9%, Michigan’s Adv.: 19.1%
6/11: Silver Dollar City: 87%, Mt. Olympus 13%
3/14: Holiday World: 88.9%, Indiana Beach 11.1%
7/10: SF Great America: 75.7%, Valleyfair 24.3%
2/15: Cedar Point: 91.7%, Nick Universe: 8.3%

South Region

1/16: Universal Orlando: 88%, Lake Winnie: 12%
8/9: SeaWorld Orlando: 82.1%, Fun Spot America: 17.9%
5/12: Busch Gardens Tampa: 84.1%, Legoland FL: 15.9%
4/13: Dollywood 83.6%, Six Flags America, 16.4%
6/11: SF Over Georgia 85.1%, Alabama Adv. 14.9%
3/14: Carowinds 89%, SeaWorld TX: 11%
7/10: SF Fiesta Texas, 60%, SF Over Texas: 40%
2/15: WDW: 87%, OWA: 13%

West Region

1/16: Knott’s Berry Farm: 94.1%, Oak’s Park: 5.9%
8/9: Legoland California: 50.7%, Six Flags Mexico: 49.3%
5/12: California’s Great America 88.6%, Belmont Park: 11.4%
4/13: SF Discovery Kingdom: 78.9%, Glenwood Caverns, 21.1%
6/11: Lagoon: 66.9%, Beach Boardwalk: 33.1%
3/14: Six Flags Magic Mountain 88.6%, Castles N Coasters: 11.4%
7/10: Universal Hollywood: 61.1%, SW San Diego: 38.9%
2/15: Disneyland Resort: 62.1%, Silverwood 37.9%

East Region

1/16: Hersheypark 93.6%, Canobie Lake: 6.4%
8/9: Dorney Park: 67.1%, Lake Compounce 32.9%
5/12: Kings Dominion: 87.1%, SF Darien Lake, 12.9%
4/13: SF Gr. Adventure: 85.7%, Sesame Place, 14.3%
6/11: Kennywood 91.9%, Quassy 8.1%
3/14: SF New England: 76.4%, Morey’s Piers 23.6%
7/10: Knoebels 70.6%, SF Great Escape: 29.4%
2/15: BG Williamsburg: 89.1%, Dutch Wonderland 10.9%

We’ll post the results on Saturday Night, and Round 2 will begin on Sunday Morning!

Best of luck to all of the parks! Be sure to use #C101ParkMania to talk about Park Mania on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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