Busch Gardens’ Gwazi Conversion to become World’s Fastest, Steepest Hybrid Coaster

At Busch Gardens Tampa’s 60th Anniversary Celebration earlier tonight, the park was eager to show off the lead car for Tigris, which will open later this year.

However, in a video posted to the park’s social media channels, touting all of the records and “firsts” that have come to Busch Gardens Tampa over the years, we finally got a glimpse of what Gwazi, the park’s former dueling wooden roller coaster, will become in 2020.

In the last ten seconds of the video, we are given some key descriptors that confirm that Busch Gardens’ 2020 coaster project will be another one for the record books.

For the coaster known to enthusiasts as RMC Gwazi, Busch Gardens announced that it will be the tallest hybrid coaster in North America, exceeding Steel Vengeance’s 205′ height.

In addition, this new roller coaster will be the steepest and fastest hybrid coaster in the World when it is complete, also breaking records currently held by Steel Vengeance.

Worth noting, according to RCDB, Steel Vengeance is currently the tallest hybrid coaster in the world, but there is some speculation that the currently under-construction “Zadra” at Poland’s Energylandia, will eclipse this record (despite RCDB listing Zadra as 200.1′ tall) — We’ll have to see how the heights shake out. Anyone have a really long tape measure?

These details were all that was released about the new coaster, and I’m sure as 2019 progresses, we’ll learn even more about what the coaster formerly known as Gwazi will become.

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