Top 5 Coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia

As one of the oldest parks in the Six Flags chain, Six Flags Over Georgia has amassed a respectable collection of 11 roller coasters in its 52 years of operation. Like many parks of its size, Six Flags Over Georgia’s coasters range in size and intensity, providing options for riders of all ages and thrill thresholds.

Below are what I believe to be the five best coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia:

5. Superman: Ultimate Flight

Debuting in the spring of 2002, Superman: Ultimate Flight was the second Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) flying coaster to open in the world, narrowly beaten by Air (now Galactica) at Alton Towers in the U.K.

Top 5 Best Coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia

Photo © Six Flags Over Georgia

Riders emulate the Man of Steel himself as they “fly” in the prone position, secured with an over-the-shoulder vest and ankle restraints. It provides an exhilarating sensation that is not experienced on a standard sit-down coaster ride.

© Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick

The coaster’s swooping 10-story drop leads directly into the iconic pretzel loop inversion, the base of which produces intense positive g-forces. The remainder of the ride is slightly more gentle with two horseshoe curves that allow riders to enjoy the sensation of flight. The ride’s finale — an inline twist — is taken through a small tunnel made possible by the park’s hilly terrain.

Two nearly identical Superman: Ultimate Flight flying coasters opened in 2003 at Six Flags Great Adventure and Great America. Six Flags Over Georgia’s model is the only one of the three to feature a dual-loading station to help with capacity. Still, the coaster often maintains one of the longest lines in the park.

Watch an on-ride POV of Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Over Georgia below:

4. Georgia Scorcher

Celebrating its 20th birthday in 2019, Georgia Scorcher stands (no pun intended) near Six Flags Over Georgia’s entrance plaza, greeting guests as they approach from the parking lot.

© Six Flags Over Georgia

The coaster deserves extra points for being one of four B&M stand-up coasters still operating as stand-up coasters (a few of have received sit-down floorless trains).

While many of its sibling coasters developed reputations for their roughness and headbanging tendencies, Georgia Scorcher has retained a surprisingly smooth ride which allows one to enjoy the coaster’s compact, twisted layout.

Riders reach a top speed of 54 mph following the coaster’s 101-foot drop. Georgia Scorcher features two inversions along its 3,000 feet of track: an 8-story vertical loop and a snappy corkscrew. The inclined loop that threads through the vertical loop is one of my favorite elements of the ride.

Despite its modest height, the coaster retains its momentum from start to finish. Hopefully it sticks around for many years to come.

Watch an on-ride POV of Georgia Scorcher below:

3. Mind Bender

Turning 40 in 2018, the classic Schwarzkopf-made looping coaster, Mind Bender, still holds its own against Six Flags Over Georgia’s newer and bigger coasters.

Dubbed the world’s first “triple-looping coaster,” Mind Bender technically only inverts riders twice through two traditional vertical loops. The third “loop” is actually a helix taken at a relatively steep 45-degree angle, giving it the appearance of a tilted loop. Regardless, it’s a fun ride from start to finish.

Mind Bender’s bright green track weaves in and out of a wooded area of the park, blending in with the trees. Like Superman, the coaster takes full advantage of the park’s terrain, diving 80 feet partially “below ground” into a ravine.

With a minimum height requirement of 42 inches, Mind Bender is a great “training coaster” as young thrill seekers graduate from the smaller rides to the bigger thrills like Superman and Georgia Scorcher.

Watch an on-ride POV of Mind Bender at Six Flags over Georgia below:

2. Twisted Cyclone

In 2018, the talented designers at Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) again worked their magic when they transformed the aging Georgia Cyclone wooden coaster into the Twisted Cyclone steel hybrid.

Twisted Cyclone stands 100 feet tall and reaches a top speed of 50 mph. Although only 2,600 feet long, the coaster uses nearly every foot to its fullest potential. Even the pre-lift section includes a couple of outward-banked turns and hops.

The 75-degree first drop is followed by a disorienting double-inversion cobra roll — a first for an RMC coaster. The airtime-inducing wave turn that follows is unforgettable, and an airtime-heavy double-down drop offers a nod to the coaster’s wooden predecessor.

A zero-G roll and a few more airtime hills hidden within the coaster’s wooden structure make for a great finale to this spectacular addition to Six Flags Over Georgia’s coaster lineup.

The coaster’s sleek red and black sports-car-inspired trains contrast beautifully against the electric blue track and gray supports. The entrance area and queue’s tropical storm theme is unusual for the Six Flags of the late 2010s. It’s a refreshing change of pace for the chain.

Watch an on- and off-ride video from Twisted Cyclone’s media preview event below:

Read our full review of Twisted Cyclone from the media preview event.

1. Goliath

Standing 200 feet tall, Goliath towers over guests as they arrive at the park. The coaster dwarfs the nearby Georgia Scorcher. Much of its 4,480 feet of track sprawls outside of the park.

The lift hill provides stunning views of the sprawling Atlanta skyline. The first drop at 170 feet is followed by the coaster’s largest drop of 175 feet. Goliath reaches a blistering top speed of 70 mph — the fastest coaster at the park.

© Six Flags Over Georgia

A reprieve from the relentless airtime hills is provided only by the ride’s iconic 540-degree downward helix, arguably one of the most intense elements on a B&M hyper coaster.

A horseshoe turn leads into three additional airtime hills as the coaster returns to the station. The ride maintains its pacing from start to finish.

Though not the largest of B&M’s hyper coasters, many enthusiasts consider it one of the best. In fact, from 2006 until 2014, Goliath maintained a spot in Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Awards top-10 best steel coasters category.

Watch an on-ride POV video of Goliath at Six Flags over Georgia below:

What is your ranking of the best coasters at Six Flags over Georgia? Share your list in the comments section below.