Kentucky Flyer Rises at Kentucky Kingdom

Kentucky Kingdom’s Kentucky Flyer wooden coaster is growing day by day, and the park has been documenting the construction regularly over the past few months. Below are just a few of my favorites.

Kentucky Kingdom announced Kentucky Flyer in late September. The Gravity Group family-style wooden coaster will feature the company’s Timberliner trains and a family-friendly 40-inch height requirement.

Before we dive into the construction photos, watch the new animated Kentucky Flyer POV below:

The park has done a great job posting regular updates from the construction site on its website and social channels.

Riders will reach a top speed of 35 mph after the coaster’s 45-foot-tall drop:

The coaster will offer riders 12 airtime moments. And after watching the POV and seeing the layout come to life, I believe it.

While the coaster’s track is wood, its support structure is steel. This hybrid construction is standard for Gravity Group coasters.

Situated behind the Hurricane Bay water park, Kentucky Flyer features an out-and-back layout with 1,280 feet of track. Even in the dead of winter and unfinished, Kentucky Flyer already gives  Hurricane Bay a classic boardwalk-style wooden coaster backdrop. Summer can’t come soon enough.

The white supports, unpainted track and red handrails are a throwback to those classic seaside coasters. And they also remind me of the many hours I spent playing the original Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Crews are working in all sorts of conditions — freezing weather included, as indicated by the lingering snow on the ground.

Last year, the park tweeted photos of one of the coaster’s lead cars on display at IAAPA in November:

The coaster’s two 12-seat Timberliner trains will feature six cars, each seating two riders.

The other train was revealed at last month’s No Coaster Con (American Coaster Enthusiasts) event in Chicago:

They are sharp-looking trains.

Kentucky Flyer is expected to open this spring. For more photos, visit Kentucky Kingdom’s website and Twitter for more photos and construction updates.


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