Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island coming to Cedar Point in 2019

Yesterday, Cedar Point put out a rather confusing “tease” about the “next chapter” at the park.

That next chapter was revealed today in a video on Cedar Point’s social media channels. Cedar Point’s Dinosaurs Alive attraction is closing for good on September 3, 2018 to make way for a new attraction: Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island, which will open in Summer 2019.

According to Cedar Point, park guests will “Grab your map and prepare for a minute-by-minute real-life adventure, where you and others are challenged, questioned and pushed to the limits in both brain and brute power. Be immersed in interactive encounters with the island inhabitants, push yourself with physically active challenges that test your resourcefulness and fortitude! It’s your job to discover and uncover all that you can; to solve the mystery surrounding the Forbidden Frontier, and return to tell the tale. Every ending is different and determined by you and the secrets you unlock!”

I know it’s tough to come up with a ride prediction based on four sentences, but the first thing that came to mind after reading the above description was Alterface’s “Wander” technology that we learned about at least year’s IAAPA Expo. When explained to us at IAAPA, Wander was advertised as a “park-wide” interactive non-linear technology that could unite the entire park around a single game. That said, it’s also scalable, and presumably could work on a much smaller level. Because Wander is both interactive and non-linear, and you’ll “be immersed in interactive encounters with the island inhabitiants” and it’s possible that “every Foribben Frontier ending is different and determined by you and the secrets you unlock,” this is where my mind went.

Pure speculation, but what’s the harm in guessing, right?

The secrets of the Forbidden Frontier will be revealed as Cedar Point unlocks the adventure map, so be sure to keep checking this page for updates and new surprises. The Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island opens Summer, 2019.

What do you think Cedar Point has up their sleeves? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Responses

  1. Chas Brosemer says:

    I’m thinking this will be similar to Ghost Town Alive at Knotts Berry Farm, but with a pirate/island inhabitant theme.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I am expecting something like ghost town alive too. I also think it will involve interactive tech with cell phones. Kinda like the battle for Cedar Point game. My hope is that this is not another paid entry attraction on the island and that they will be adding a new midway across the park. A midway from the dio entrance to the entrance on Frontier Town at the tunnel under Millennium Force. That would be a great addition just to navigate the park easier. I’m excited to hear more info.