Kennywood Unveils “The Steel Curtain” for 2019

After several weeks of “scratch cards” and word search teases, we finally know what the attraction that Kennywood nicknamed “Project 412” will be.

Named “The Steel Curtain,” this new coaster from S&S Worldwide will reside in a new area of the park themed after the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers named “Steelers Country at Kennywood Park”

Featuring more than 3,000,000 pounds of steel track fabricated in the United States, The Steel Curtain will be painted in the Steelers’ customary black (track) and gold (supports.)

The largest coaster ever manufactured by S&S will break two records; tallest inversion at 197′ tall, and most inversions on a roller coaster in the United States with 9. Hitting top speeds of 75 mph, the 24-passenger trains will barrel through the 4,000-plus feet of track in just about two minutes. The ride tops off at 220′ tall.

The Steel Curtain features nine unique inversions, including a “banana roll,” an “over the lift hill double inversion” similar to a Cobra Roll, a dive loop over the lagoon, and a section of track that features a track on both sides. (I don’t know what this is called, but it’s 1:10-1:22 or so on the video above.)

The Steel Curtain, named for the iconic Steelers defenses of the 1970’s, will anchor the 3-acre “Steelers Country at Kennywood Park,” which will feature a plaza, water features and a new restaurant, the End Zone cafe.


The area will also feature a “Steelers Experience,” with various football related activities, including a 40-yard dash, football toss, and a kids play structure named “The Terrible Tower,” which is a play on the Steelers “Terrible Towel” rally towels.

During the announcement, it was noted that currently, The Steel Curtain has a minimum height requirement of just 48″, but Kennywood noted that this was subject to change in the construction process.

Kennywood did not announce an official opening date for The Steel Curtain or Steelers Country, noting that they hoped to open it as soon as possible in the 2019 season, but there are plenty of variables that could affect construction.

The Steel Curtain will become Kennywood’s 8th operating Roller Coaster, and is the first at the park manufactured by S&S.

We’ll update this post as we have more information. Personally, this coaster looks amazing, and I can’t wait to get back to Kennywood very soon to ride it!

For more information about The Steel Curtain and Steelers Country at Kennywood, be sure to visit Kennywood’s website, and follow the park on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

All Photos and Video used in this article are copyright: Kennywood Park. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As an Eagles fan, I hate the theme but that ride looks freaking amazing. From it’s massive size, to the inversions and length, this looks like a very complete ride start to finish. Not what I would’ve predicted, but it’s much better than I’d have expected. Kennywood has a touchdown with this ride and this looks to be the right world class coaster to compliment Phantoms Revenge