Carowinds Construction Update: July 1

There’s a lot going on at Carowinds this season in preparation for the future of the park. We visited the park this weekend, and were able to snap a few photos of the two main ongoing construction projects at Carowinds; the new Springhill Suites on-site hotel, and the 2019 Construction project, located between Crossroads and County Fair.

Springhill Suites by Marriott

Located between Carowinds’ entrance plaza and Interstate 77, in these photos from the Carolina Skytower, it looks as if the beginnings of a foundation of the new hotel have been placed.

And I’m not sure of the accuracy of this, but it would appear that at least a portion of the hotel’s parking lot has been created.

TBA 2019 Project

Carowinds set social media on fire on Thursday when they posted images of several signs that now adorn the construction fence surrounding the area formerly occupied by Whitewater Falls and Sand Dune Lagoon in Carolina Harbor. We got a first hand look at these signs this weekend, which are primarily located in the County Fair area and not on the portion of construction fence located in Crossroads.


If you’re curious what these signs may mean or reference, be sure to check out our post detailing the signage!

Interspersed around the signs are “peepholes” in the fence, located at a variety of heights for guests to look through. With watch dogs Bambam and Barkley nowhere in sight, we figured it would be okay to look through the holes.


Still a lot of dirt in the area, but rebar and reinforcing steel have started to appear on site. Though I was unable to get a photo, there was also a grill visible through one of the peepholes. Wonder if the Byrd family is grilling up some corn?

There were multiple cranes on the construction site.

For one more angle, we ascended to the top of the Carolina Skytower, where we got a better look at the entire construction site.

As you can see in this photo, we have more footers and reinforcing steel for the new attraction. The new attraction is starting to take shape!

We’ll be following the construction progress for both the new Springhill Suites and the 2019 project as best we can, so stay tuned to Coaster101 for updates!

And make sure you’re following Carowinds’ progress as well by visiting their website, and following the park on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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