Jurassic World to Replace Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood has announced that it will transform the iconic Jurassic Park – The Ride into an enhanced and refreshed “Jurassic World Ride” in 2019. The park is launching a countdown to the day Jurassic Park closes in preparation for the transformation.

Jurassic World Ride will open at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2019, replacing Jurassic Park - The Ride.Jurassic World Ride will draw on some of the popular elements from the original Jurassic Park boat ride while taking inspiration from the new “Jurassic World.” The “Jurassic World” film franchise began in 2015 and will see its sequel film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, open in theaters in June 2018.

The revamped, next-generation water ride will be a “fully reimagined iteration of the ground-breaking adventure, elevating every facet of the experience.”

According to a news release from Universal Studios Hollywood, Jurassic World Ride will introduce new dinosaurs along with “enhanced storytelling, lush scenic design, an entirely new color scheme and state-of-the-art technology.”

It will feature elements “never experienced within a theme park.”

The original Jurassic Park ride will give its last tours on September 3, 2018. The theme park is launching a “Countdown to the Extinction” campaign, inviting guests to experience the ride before it closes.

Jurassic Park – The Ride opened in 1996 and was based on the groundbreaking 1994 film, Jurassic Park. The ride was hailed as a “technological achievement of triumph and wizardry.” Its dinosaurs featured new principles of hydraulic physics, mechanics and space-age robotics.

Working in partnership with scientists, paleontologists and aerospace engineers, Universal Creative — the team that develops Universal theme park rides — brought to life one of the most compelling rides ever created. Life-sized and lifelike animatronic dinosaurs, some towering over five-stories high, freely roamed the earth at Universal Studios Hollywood.

See a teaser video of the new Jurassic World Ride below:

The nearby Jurassic Cove restaurant and Jurassic Outfitters retail store also will close with Jurassic Park – The Ride and will reopen with the new experience in 2019.

Universal Studios Hollywood hasn’t revealed a specific opening date yet — stay tuned for the latest developments.

What do you think about this Jurassic Park overhaul? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. Ian says:

    I made my first visit to USHollywood last year and this ride while in need of major refurbishment was still one of the two best attractions there. USHollywood features too many screen rides. I find them not thrilling at all. This ride along with Flight of the Hyppogriff were the two stand out attractions there. The HP ride was eh at best. The 5 step escalators connecting the upper and lower parts of the park were more exciting than most of their dark rides. Mummy the ride was a good indoor coaster but has a horrible ending. I hope they don’t add 3D screen effects to Jurassic Park. It would just flat out ruin the ride.

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