Announcing the 2018 Park Mania Champion

#WhatsInTheShed? A Coaster101 Park Mania Title!

After more than 82,000 total votes over the last few weeks, we’re proud to announce our 2018 Park Mania Champion: Kings Island!

Sitting on 364 Acres in Mason, Ohio, Kings Island is a Cedar Fair park that boasts 50 attractions, including 15 roller coasters.

Kings Island defeated Kentucky’s Beech Bend, fellow Cedar Fair park Worlds of Fun, Six Flags Great America, Kentucky Kingdom and Disneyland Resort before defeating Hersheypark in the final voting period.

Kings Island Round By Round Results: 

  • Round One: 2) Kings Island: 747, Beech Bend: 71
  • Round Two: 2) Kings Island: 1271, 7) Worlds of Fun: 894
  • Regional Semi-Finals: 2) Kings Island: 838, 6) Six Flags Great America: 329
  • Regional Finals: 2) Kings Island: 616, 9) Kentucky Kingdom: 363
  • Semi-Finals: 2) Kings Island: 375, 3) Disneyland Resort: 152
  • Finals: 2) Kings Island: 487, 3) HersheyPark: 314

Kings Island joins 2017 Champion, Silverwood Park in Idaho.

For more information about Kings Island, please visit their website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And thanks for participating in Coaster101 Park Mania!

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