2018 Coaster101 Park Mania: Second Round

And then there were 32. 

We decided to have some fun with the bracket system this year, and bring back our annual event, this year (in an effort not to get a cease and desist letter) called Park Mania!

We’ve included parks from across North America, divided into four 16-team geographic regions; East, West, Midwest and South.

However, instead of the parks facing off against each other, we’re going to let you, the readers of Coaster101.com decide your pick for your favorite park in North America! (Note: Parks were divided by geography, and loosely ranked on seed lines. We’re just having fun with this. PLEASE do not be offended by the rankings.)

There are 32 teams remaining, and here’s how the bracket looks after Round One:


First Round Notes

  • There were a total of 28,501 votes cast in the first round, up from 22,736 First Round Votes in 2017.
  • There were a three “upsets” in the first round, 9-seed Kentucky Kingdom over 8-seed Six Flags St. Louis, 10-Seeded Lagoon by the narrowest of Margins over 7-Seed Universal Studios Hollywood in the West, and probably most notably, 16-Seed Frontier City knocking off the Midwest 1-Seed, Cedar Point.
  • Frontier City v. Cedar Point also had the most individual votes in this round with 1,734 votes cast.
  • Parks Remaining By Chain
    • Cedar Fair: 8
    • Six Flags: 8
    • Independent Parks: 8
    • SeaWorld Parks: 3
    • Disney: 2
    • Herschend: 2
    • Universal: 1


Each voting round will take place over several days, and the schedule will be as follows. We’ll create a post each day with new polls for voting. All voting will be done right here on Coaster101.com, and will end at 8:00pm Eastern Time on the specified date.

Play-In Game Voting: Friday, March 9-Sunday, March 11  [CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS]

Round One Voting: Monday, March 12-Wednesday, March 14 [CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS]

Round Two Voting: Thursday, March 15-Sunday, March 18

Regional Semi-Final Voting: Monday, March 19-Wednesday, March 21

Regional Final Voting: Thursday, March 22-Sunday, March 25

National Semi-Final Voting: Monday, March 26-Wednesday, March 28

Championship Voting: Thursday, March 29-Sunday, April 1.

Winner Announced: Monday, April 2.

Second Round Voting

Down to 32 teams remaining. , 8 in each geographic region. Record your votes below. Voting will take place Thursday, March 15-Sunday, March 18 and voting will end at approximately 8:00pm Eastern Time on Sunday night.

South Region


East Region


Midwest Region


West Region



Best of luck to all of the parks! Be sure to use #C101ParkMania to talk about Park Mania on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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11 Responses

  1. Harls says:

    This isn’t fire man!!!!!???????????????

  2. Kathy says:

    Kathy 2018 coaster 101 park mania

  3. Jeremy says:

    Dang. There were some hard choices there….Hi Paula! (just taking a small bet she has been watching this) #HOWOPO (:

  4. Anthony says:

    Dang what’s with Frontier City :):):):)

  5. Kevin Motto says:

    Frontier city offers more then Kentucky Kingdom. I know KK has more big league rides. They don’t have numerous shows, Concerts or events held at their park. Frontier City is active for it’s community. I would vote for Frontier City. All around it is a better park. It’s historic! Has deep history in the Theme Park Industry.

  6. Marshal 94 says:

    Wonder how that is happening Kentucky Kindom gained 250+ while Frontier City gained 20 in 15 minutes. I know when aces and eights are being played.

  7. Kevin says:

    Admin there is nice way that Kentucky Kingdom is having that fast of a increase I call foul play. There is nobody sharing or pushing for Kentucky Kingdom but they are sky rocketing in the polls. Clearly the system has been hacked.

  8. Tya right says:

    Kentucky cheaters for the win oven Frontier City. 4X the votes of any other poll.

  9. I hate cheaters says:

    Kentucky cheaters for the win oven Frontier City. 4X the votes of any other poll.

  10. ANDREW says:

    Looking into appears there was some interbreed voting. Kentucky Kingdom may have actually only got around 1200 illegitimate, er I mean legitimate votes.