Columbus Zoo Adventure Cove Construction Update

Last June we uncovered future expansion plans for the Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay water park. The weather was warm enough this past weekend that we were able to take a trip back to the zoo to check up on how construction is going.

Otter Banks will add more space to the water park with the addition of a pool, obstacle course and exciting water slides.


From what I could tell, it looks like construction hasn’t even begun yet. However, the addition looks relatively simple and I expect it to go up quickly and still be ready by late May.

We got our first look at the rendering for the new seal lion exhibit and Jungle Jack’s Landing changes. It appears the name for this area has changed from Wild World to Adventure Cove and will bring seals and sea lions right to the front of the zoo. It’ll be the first animal exhibit you’ll see and guests heading to the water park will have to walk right past it.

From the rendering it looks like three rides within Jungle Jack’s Landing will be relocated. Pictured below is an aerial image from Google maps pre-construction and an overlay of the latest rendering.


Are you looking forward to the new sea lion exhibit or Otter Banks at Zoombezi Bay? Let us know in the comments below.

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