Carowinds 2018 Off-Season Construction Update

This week, we had the opportunity to visit Carowinds and take a look at some of their off-season construction progress as the park expands and rebrands its Camp Snoopy kids area and makes several other improvements around the park.

Do-Si-Do Lighting Package

As part of last year’s County Fair expansion, Carowinds added four new flat rides, including a HUSS Troika they named Do-Si-Do. Recently, the park announced that Do-Si-Do was getting a new lighting package in preparation for the 2018 season.


These lights are going to make the already mesmerizing Do-Si-Do even better at night.

Kiddy Hawk

As we reported a few weeks back, Carowinds’ Vekoma Family Suspended Coaster, Flying Ace Aerial Chase, is no more. The coaster has been repainted and renamed Kiddy Hawk.


Not sure if this was the intent, but there’s a definite “sand & sea” color scheme, which is a great tie in to the beaches of Kitty Hawk, NC. (Ironically, Kiddy Hawk is located 100% in the South Carolina portion of Carowinds.)

Camp Snoopy

Much like its west coast counterpart at Knott’s Berry Farm, Snoopy’s Canoe will serve as a focal point of one of the entrances to Camp Snoopy, and will “rock” up and down.

This area is where Carowinds’ Character Carousel was previously located. There will be a fountain in the center and some shade structures on the outside. and it will be another entrance for Camp Snoopy.

The pictures don’t do the area justice, but it’s really opened up.

Camp Snoopy’s five new rides are all installed, along with new ride signage.

The new rides are Kite Eating Tree (Zamperla Frog Hopper), Camp Bus (Zamperla Crazy Bus), Peanuts Trailblazers (Zamperla Speedway), Pigpen’s Mud Buggies (Zamperla Jump Around), and Woodstock Whirlybirds (Zamperla Tea Cup).

The signage and Peanuts characters in the area all look great. I love Pigpen on top of the Mud Buggies attraction.

Even the existing attractions in Camp Snoopy have received some new signage that tie the area together.

Another Carowinds coaster received a new name and paint job this off-season. Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie is now “Wilderness Run,” and features more of a “natural” brown and green color scheme to fit in with the “Camp” theme.

Personal note: This is one of just two operating roller coasters in the state of North Carolina that I’ve yet to ride. Hope I can change that at some point soon.

Structures are starting to go up at the new Beagle Scout Acres play area. These look like shade features for the area based on the concept art.

Outside of rides, there’s a lot of theming enhancements being built for Camp Snoopy. Peanuts Snack Shack has received a completely new facade, along with Snoopy Boutique, which will now be known as Camp Store.

Even the restrooms are receiving a facelift!

Carousel Park

The area formerly known as Vortex Plaza has been transformed as well this off-season. The demolition of a basketball game has really opened up the area a lot.

Carowinds’ Carousel has moved across state lines into North Carolina, where it will now be known as the Grand Carousel.

We were even able to catch one of its first test cycles in the new location.

Carowinds opens for the season on Saturday, March 24.

For more information about what’s going on at Carowinds, be sure to visit the park’s website, and follow the park on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.