Old Favourites Feature at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

A season ending visit to London gave us a chance to revisit Hyde Park and it’s massively successful month long Winter Wonderland.

The original has spawned many other similar events in it’s image, infact it is unusual for most large towns not to have a selection of market or funfair rides alongside traditional events.

Recent visits have centred on the big number of coasters at the London event, and this year was a similar story.

A chance to see the famous Munich Looping Schwarzkopf built five looper , There isn’t much you can say that hasn’t already been said about this ride. It still provides a fabulous ride experience of intensity and engineering that hasn’t really been bettered in transportable rides.

And it looks amazing still too, such is the care lavished upon it.

Look’s good from any angle.

There is always a nice mix of rides here, but spinning coasters numbered three full size versions this year with the addition of a new ride direct from a park in Turkey.


As well as a return of the well travelled version of James Mellors, dressed up as Ice Mountain.

Most coasters and rides here seem to appear every year now, with the consistent pairing of Euro Coaster…

…and Spinning Coaster, still one of if not the best of its type..

Lot’s of smaller coasters, as well as supporting attractions for younger riders, including this funky Racing Coaster.

Hangover drop tower made it’s presence known among the many tall rides there this year which included Sky Flyers, Observation Tower and Drop Tower.

If you’re a fan of the spinnier side of rides there are a couple of Waltzers including this fine version..

And there’s usually a Break Dance around, this time the version from Fredi Welte.

Lots more to do at Winter Wonderland and as such I imagine many don’t ride but participate in the shopping and general ambiance that is created in Hyde Park itself. Certainly the atmosphere is good for a large scale event.

Dodgems are plentiful here too, including traditional and modern.

Still a popular ride in the U.K is the Miami Trip, this one among the newest around.

Did I mention the Wilde Maus XXL, also a familiar sight here, running practically brake-less.

Another year, another excellent fair at Hyde Park. Look forward to another great one in 2018. A last look at one of the World’s greatest coasters..



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