World’s First “Hunger Games” Land Opens at Motiongate Dubai

Fans of the Hunger Games book trilogy and film franchise, rejoice. The first-ever Hunger Games-inspired theme park land is now open at Motiongate Dubai, which just opened in December of last year.

The “World of the Hunger Games” area features a launched steel roller coaster, an immersive dark ride, live entertainment, retail and dining experiences themed to the dystopian adventure novels and movies. It is the centerpiece of the theme park’s Hollywood-infused “Lionsgate Zone.”

The “Three Finger Salute,” which greets guests as they enter the “World of Hunger Games” is a common symbol throughout the Hunger Games universe.

Hollywood studio Lionsgate and Dubai Parks and Resorts (inside of which the Motiongate Dubai theme park is located) partnered to bring the cinematic land to life.

As seen in the rendering above, the World of the Hunger Games is really a “land within a land” inside the Lionsgate Zone.

World of the Hunger Games Attractions

The new land features a variety of rides and attractions, including:

Capitol Bullet Train

The Mack launched roller coaster is described as an “exhilarating half-pipe roller coaster that transports guests to the Capitol, featuring a forward and backward launch and multiple inversions.”

Few stats about the roller coaster have been released, but we know it is 1,870 feet long, travels forward and backward and contains multiple inversions.

The roller coaster’s spike stands tall over the World of Hunger Games plaza.

Johnny Upsidedown tweeted a photo of the roller coaster under construction in January of this year:

Other attractions include:

Panem Aerial Tour: a dark ride themed to a “thrilling hovercraft” experience

Guests will also find shopping, dining and live entertainment inside the World of Hunger Games:

Peeta’s Bakery: a “food and beverage station serving over 20 themed delicacies and local favorites.”

Panem Supply Co.: a “retail destination carrying unique and exclusive merchandise.”

Coal Miner’s Clash: a “festive, high-energy percussion show based on one of Panem’s districts.”

The above Mockingjay symbol is synonymous with the books and movies of the Hunger Games franchise.

Lionsgate chief brand officer and president of worldwide marketing Tim Palen said the following of the partnership between the movie studio and Dubai Parks and Resorts: “Together we have created an interactive experience that allows fans from around the world a chance to immerse themselves in the world that (Hunger Games author) Suzanne Collins created in an authentic, fun and exciting way.”

Motiongate Dubai is the Middle East’s largest Hollywood-inspired theme park and features five themed zones with rides and attractions including roller coasters, dark rides, interactive play areas, shopping, food and live entertainment.

To learn more about Motiongate Dubai and the larger Dubai Parks & Resorts development, read our “Everything You Need to Know” post.”

Have you visited Motiongate Dubai? Share your thoughts about the new theme park in the comments section below.

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