Toverland Planning Fenix Wing Coaster for 2018

Toverland in the Netherlands announced this week major plans for its 2018 season including a wing coaster, large boat ride, a new area and more.

The theme park’s 2018 additions center around a new area of the park, Avalon. The area is inspired by the Celtic legends including the famous wizard Merlin, King Arthur and the magic sword Excalibur.

Peter van Holsteijn, principal designer of Toverland, says: “Avalon is a magical place where Merlin is central. Together with his fellow Fenix he ensures that the good magic dominates here. The evil, personified by the witch Morgana, is always on the lookout.”

With the new area comes a new coaster:

Fenix Wing Coaster

The star attraction of Toverland’s 2018 plans is Fenix (Fēnix), a Bolliger & Mabillard wing coaster:

Toverland's Fenix wing coaster will open in 2018.

The coaster will stand 131 feet tall and will feature B&M wing coasters’ signature “dive drop” inversion. Fenix will also feature an immelmann inversion, a helix and a zero-g roll. It will reach a top speed of 59 mph along its 2,667 feet of track.

Its two bird-themed trains will each seat 24 riders.

From the looks of the renderings, Fenix will receive extensive theming both on and off the ride.

Even the queue looks like it will be incredibly immersive.

Fenix will be Toverland’s fifth roller coaster.

Merlin’s Quest boat ride

If you’re a fan of boat rides, listen up. Toverland’s new-for-2018, 12-minute-long (yes, 12) Merlin’s Quest boat ride will take riders on a trip through the waters of Avalon.

Guests are tasked with finding the Tir na nŌg, the source of eternal youth. The 1,410-foot-long journey will take riders through themed landscapes. It will be Toverland’s first dark ride.

Merlin’s Quest and its boats are being manufactured by Mack Rides.

In addition to the new Avalon land, Toverland will also feature a new entrance area in 2018.

The park is investing 30 million euros (roughly $35.3 million) in its 2018 plans. Over the next few weeks, the park is expected to release more details about what’s in store for next season.

What do you think about Toverland’s 2018 plans? Discuss in the comments section below.

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5 Responses

  1. Jeroen says:

    You made a small mistake Toverland is located in the Netherlands not Denmark

  2. John says:

    Fixed – thanks for letting us know!

  3. Schoup says:

    A wing coaster just under 2700 ft, come on. If you don’t want to spend the money for a proper wing coaster, just buy something else. This thing is 300ft shorter than X flight which is way too short of a wing coaster.

  4. Anonymous says:

    ^ The length doesn’t matter in this case – we do know CGA’s Flight Deck is short yet impressive plus powerful, so I hope for the similar effect on this Wingrider. Flying over or through trimmed trees will soon tickle your fancy! 🙂

  5. Zachary says:

    This thing looks short,but extremely awesome.I have always been a huge fan of wing Coasters,and they have another one.The drop a unique twist(no pun intended)to it.It would’ve been cooler if the turn was like Storm Shasers turn,but it still had the normal drop.The boat ride also looks very cool.

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