Silver Dollar City Adding Time Traveler in 2018

Silver Dollar City announced today that it will be adding Time Traveler, the world’s fastest (50.3 mph), steepest (90 degrees) and tallest (100 feet) spinning coaster.

Time Traveler speaks to the dreamer in each of us. This custom-designed coaster defies the laws of gravity, breaks speed barriers and makes history while challenging the dreamer in all of us to ‘Dream Big & Do Good’”.

Time Traveler marks many “firsts” in the coaster world. It will be the first spinning coaster to have three inversions, go through a vertical loop and also have two launches.

This will be a $26 Million investment by Silver Dollar City and will feature over a half a mile of track during which riders will go through a Dive Loop, a Zero-G Roll, a Vertical Loop and two LSM launches all while sitting in 360° Spinning Vehicles. The ride will last just under two minutes.

For more information, visit Time Traveler’s website.




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  1. Zachary says:

    This ride is going to be great, but it definetly wasn’t worth the major investment.

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