My Final Rides on Dueling Dragons

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  1. Zachary says:

    I just went here for the first time,and since my family is staying at Cabana Bay,we get early entry into the park!I will ride this as many times as I can!I actually have a video of my visit on my YouTube channel, Coaster Clan!

  2. Zachary says:

    I rode Hungarian Horntail 3 times, and Chinese Fireball 2 times.These were also my brothers first thrill coasters!

  3. Will says:

    With flight tickets beeing cheap, I decided to book a flight to Orlando to go ride some coasters. I was debating Universal or Busch Tampa for a few weeks, even untill one week before the trip. Then the announcement was made. With the coasters at Busch Tampa fairly safe, I would be going to Universal to ride the dragons. I rode Ice 11 times, and Fire 18 (I literally spent at least half of my day cycling through the reride que and running. I also had time to ride all of the other coasters, including the obnoxiously long wait for FotH, probably the longest line I waited in. That’s right, longer than FJ). I loved the dragons so much that I’m now calling for a full boycott of anything Comcast (Universal’s parent company) since they decided to send them to the scrapyard. A park could’ve used these! Ever heard of Canada’s Wonderland? Vallyfair? Michigan’s Adventure?(ok they’d probably never get the funds for it) Dollywood? Kentucky Kingdom? Silver Dollar City? At least there is a clone in storage at the B&M plant (originally intended for Universal Dubi) and B&M has fully terminated the anti-cloning contract, as well as all other Universal contracts, over Dueling Dragons. B&M gave up 4 projects to build Dueling Dragons, all of which I’m willing to bet would be operating today had they passed on Dueling Dragons.

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