Heidi at Plopsa Land – Another Look

A recent visit afforded us the opportunity to experience Heidi – PlopsaLand’s new Great Coasters wooden coaster.

With the ride structurally complete on our visit last year, it was an unusual return to ride the now opened attraction, given that we’d seen it up close but non-operational.

The park have ensured that all is completed for opening with a high level of theming in evidence.

The tunnel on the first drop has been smartened up, as with all the boarding throughout the ride, which looks a little different too. See this detail evident on the far turnaround.

Also the profile from the first drop onwards looks sleeker , I think this tunnel works well on this drop.

Overall the out and back design sits smartly alongside the parking area. There can be few better sights for those arriving for the day than the look of this coaster.

Advertising adorns the lower fencing panels.

As for the ride experience we found Heidi an excellent thrilling and fun wooden coaster, with exceptional pacing which makes for a great finale. It’s a good addition to this park and makes a pleasant change from ubiquitous steel options.

Plopsa was quieter overall during this May visit, giving chance to ride other attractions. It’s a pretty decent mix with it’s Mack supersplash and Anubis Gerstlauer coaster most of interest to coaster fans.

Also taken the option of a ride on the rare Caripro Flyer ride here… just watch that final brake..

And the quirky Vekoma RollerSkater, a nice design and still popular.

Also rides on the Mega Mindy Jet Ski ride, very quiet but pretty decent fun.

You can still get a ride on a Log Flume here.

How about a Zamperla DiskO – always pretty entertaining rides.

A final look back at Heidi.


Overall a nice return to see how Heidi the ride has settled into it’s new home. This should ensure that Plopsa is on the trail for enthusiasts for many years.



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  1. Zachary says:

    This looks like a nice little park!

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