New Mean Streak Construction Update 7-8-2017

They’re Rollin’ in Like Thunder. That’s the caption in the latest Cedar Point Mean Streak teaser video released by the park. Check out the 19 second long drone footage of RMC Mean Streak below:

I finally got to see the old/new roller coaster under construction in person and boy is it impressive! I thought I would share our construction pictures by walking you through the new Mean Streak layout and order of all the elements built so far.

  1. Right hand turn out of station

2. First Hop

3. Second Hop

4. Lift hill. My guess is a traditional chain lift somewhere between 200 and 220 feet tall.

5. First drop, guessing between a 80 and 90 degree angle of descent.


6. Speed bump – a tiny hill with really drawn out radii sandwiched between the first drop and first big airtime hill

7. Large non-linear airtime hill. The standard airtime hill is arranged in a straight line, but new Mean Streak’s turns ninety degrees to the right.

8. Outside banked airtime turn

9. Hop up

10. Twisted shotgun roll inversion #1

11. Elevated wave turn

12. Stall dive inversion #2

13. Hop down

14. Double up into MCBR

15. Mid-course brake run

16. Drop off of MCBR

17. Double-up

18. Twisty airtime hill – twists up and to the right and then down and to the left

19. Overbank turn through structure under lift

20. Zero G roll inversion #3, not too high off the ground near where the old queue entrance was.

21. Airtime hill

22 – ? TBD

#newmeanstreak drive by as of this morning

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What’s it going to be like riding new Mean Streak? I tend to think of it like this: from the MCBR to the end of the ride, in terms of height, length, and elements, is essentially Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom. I absolutely love Storm Chaser, so to think about a similar ride plus the addition of the entire first half of Mean Streak before riding Storm Chaser – wow!

Do you think we’ll see a fourth inversion installed?


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  1. Zachary says:

    Looks great!What do you think it will be called.

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