My First Visit to Kennywood Park

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2 Responses

  1. Cole K. says:

    What you found on the pathway to the picnic grove appears to be from the Old Mill dark ride that was transformed into the current Garfield’s Nightmare.

  2. ted perkoski says:

    Thank you for such a great review. I loved you review of the Sky Rocket, It was very positive, not negative like so many other reviews. It makes me wonder if they rode the same ride. You noticed the same things that I did. I liked, the smoothness of the coasters. and the pacing of the elements. Wish you all the best coasting. Ted. PS The Jack Rabbet was where I received my Coaster training. and I Have to say That it is hard to beat that great air time one experiences at the double dip. Many rides even costing millions of dollars, do not come close in duplicating that experience.

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