What You’ll Find at the Red, White & Brews Festival at CA Great America

California’s Great America (CGA) will be hosting their first ever “Red, White & Brews” beer and food festival later this month on both Memorial Day weekend (May 27-29) and the following weekend (June 3-4). This is one of the many food related festivals Cedar Fair is hosting at their parks across the country this year, highlighting the growing role food is playing at theme parks. Some details about will be found at Red, White & Brews were shared by CGA recently.

California’s Great America is adding a new food festival this year, Red, White & Brews, opening Memorial Day weekend.

The festival will be taking place in the Hometown Square part of the park right by the newly converted Patriot roller coaster. The festival will focus on local Northern California food and drink, with over 25 regional craft beers and Northern California wines.

Red, White & Brews will be in Hometown Square with Patriot flying overhead.

On the food side of things the park will be using a method similar to at the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival, with both tasting cards and individual items for sale. The $25 tasting cards will include six selections from things like smoked chicken drumsticks, corn roasted in chili powder and lime, tombstone sliders with shaved brisket, or bacon wrapped chicken hearts. There will also be a dessert selection on the card, with options like “apple pie, bacon and cheddar parfait, or traditional strawberry shortcake.”

Along with the card option, individual special food items will be for sale around Hometown Square. These will include things like brisket mac and cheese, crispy onions in bbq sauce, and cinnamon dessert nachos (I don’t know exactly what they are, but that sounds amazing).

Beer and wine tasting cards will cost $25, and will include six, six ounce samples of beers or wines. Beer will come from breweries across California, like Anchor from San Francisco, Hangar 24 from Redlands, CA, Lagunitas from Petaluma, CA, and many more.

Expect lots of classic Americana food, and some things with Northern California takes (courtesy CGA)

Along with the food and drinks, there will be outdoor games, live bands, and kids entertainment around Hometown Square, including dueling pianos in the gazebo in the center of Hometown square and a stage set-up in front of the Great America Theater.

We’ve already made it to two Cedar Fair food festivals this year (check out our reviews of the eats from Knott’s and Carowinds) and they were both pretty great. I was also a fan of the Taste of Orleans at CGA last summer, so I have high hopes for another solid festival (although I wish they were going the “token” route like Taste of the Carolinas does vs the tasting cards). The full details of Red, White & Brews can be found on the CGA website, and if you make it to the festival, share your favorite things are in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook with us!

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