Efteling Readying Massive Symbolica Dark Ride

Dutch theme park Efteling is celebrating its 65th anniversary by preparing to open Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy, a dark ride and the park’s single-largest attraction to date.

Opening July 1, 2017, the family-friendly dark ride will take guests seated inside “fantasy carriages” through the hidden rooms of the “Palace of Fantasy.”

Exterior of Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy at Efteling

The exterior of the ride is on par with Disney-level detail. And the interior seems to be just as incredible:

Each ride vehicle will seat six guests. Riders will be chauffeured through the palace’s rooms and corridors before being invited to meet the king of the palace. A “Magic Jester Pardoes” will follow guests on their journey.

In the final ride scene, guests will arrive at the palace’s Royal Chamber, where the carriages “begin to dance.”

Below is a video playlist featuring the “Making of Symbolica” series:

Symbolica will cost roughly $37.5 million. It joins the “Loonsche Land” hotel and village, which opens May 31, 2017.

Efteling, located in the South of Holland, opened in 1952 and features six roller coasters in addition to a plethora of other rides and attractions. The theme park features a “fairytale” atmosphere set among a lush, natural setting. It is open year round.

To learn more about Efteling, read our 2016 interview with Efteling chief operating officer Coen Bertens, where he discusses the history and future of the park.

More information about Symbolica is available at Efteling’s website.

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