A-Z Coaster of the Week: Yamaha Racing Coaster

Welcome back to our A-Z Coaster of the Week, where we highlight a roller coaster that corresponds with each letter of the alphabet. Did you know that there are only 9 roller coasters in history that begin with the letter Y, and only 6 that are still operating today? We’re headed to Bandung, Indonesia and the Trans Studio Indoor Theme Park to highlight the only “Y” coaster that features an inversion, Yamaha Racing Coaster.

Opened in 2011, Yamaha Racing Coaster is a LIM-launched coaster from Premier Rides.

Riders reach speeds of 62mph in just 2.0 seconds, and are almost immediately faced with an 82′ inside top-hat element, before a 180-degree turn-around and ascent up a vertical spire, and letting gravity take control, descending backwards down the spire and taking the entire course in reverse. The total track length is just 902′.

“It is amazing to watch the ride in action especially where the five ton train loaded with riders is lifted vertically to 50 meters with only a powerful magnetic wave touching the train,” Premier Rides president Jim Seay said in a 2011 interview. “We are certainly honored to have had the opportunity to export such an amazing piece of equipment to Trans Studio, the entertainment leader in Indonesia.”

Yamaha Racing Coaster is the fastest roller coaster in all of Indonesia, and despite residing at an indoor theme park, almost the entirety of the ride takes place outdoors.

After a quick search, I couldn’t find a very clean POV video, so check out the off-ride footage below!

We’ve made it through 25 letters. Be sure to come back next week as we complete this cycle of A-Z Coaster of the Week with our “Z” Coaster!