Fun Spot America Announces Name of 2017 Coaster

Fun Spot America yesterday announced “Mine Blower” as the name of its new-for-2017¬†inverting wooden roller coaster.

The Kissimmee, Florida, amusement park (separate from the Orlando park) announced the Gravity Group wooden coaster in December, but withheld the name and theme of the coaster. Mine BLower will sport a mining/rocket theme with appropriately themed trains.

In addition to the name revealing, Fun Spot America also announced that the coaster will feature two “mine tunnels.”

Mine Blower 2017 Fun Spot America Wooden Roller Coaster

Mine Blower will stand 82 feet tall and will feature a top speed of nearly 49 mph. Its 2,256-foot layout will feature a 360-degree barrel roll, a max banked angle of 115 degrees and 11 air-time moments.

Fun Spot America is investing $6 million in the roller coaster.

Take a virtual ride on Mine Blower in the video below:

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