A-Z Coaster of the Week: Swamp Fox

Just a few weeks left of this season’s A-Z Coaster of the Week, where we take a look at a coaster that begins with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. It’s time for the “S” coaster, and we’re headed back to Myrtle Beach, this time to the seaside Family Kingdom Amusement park, and their wooden coaster, Swamp Fox.


Swamp Fox is named for American Revolutionary War leader, Francis Marion, a member of the South Carolina militia (1780-1781), who is generally recognized as one of the fathers of modern guerilla warfare. He was called “Swamp Fox” because he avoided capture by the British through his knowledge of South Carolina’s swamps which he used to hide his men between skirmishes with the enemy.


Built by classic builders Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, and designed by legendary designer John C. Allen, Swamp Fox opened at what was then known as the Grand Strand Amusement Park in 1966. It features a “Figure Eight” design and 4,200′ feet of track. As riders ascend the 72′ lift hill, they are treated to a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. The top speed of Swamp Fox is 50mph.


When Hurricane Hugo made landfall in South Carolina in 1989, the ride was damaged to the point where it had to be closed for two years before being rebuilt and operating again.

There are two trains on Swamp Fox, a red train and a blue train. The blue train was originally part of the now-defunct Shooting Star roller coaster at Lakeside Amusement Park in Salem, Virginia. There is only one train on the tracks during any given season, as Family Kingdom’s maintenance staff refurbishes the “other” train each year, resulting in a “new” train each season.

The Swamp Fox Coaster received “Landmark Coaster” status from the American Coaster Enthusiasts in April 2016, in celebration of the ride’s 50th anniversary. According to the ACE description, “good drops, snappy curves and moments of airtime make Swamp Fox an enjoyable treat.”

Family Kingdom is a unique park in that you buy individual tickets for each ride. As of this writing, the Swamp Fox costs 5 tickets to ride, which is approximately $5.25.

Check out a POV video of Swamp Fox Below!

Have you visited Family Kingdom and ridden Swamp Fox? Let us know in the comments below!

Come back next week as we tackle the “T” coaster!



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