SeaWorld San Diego Adding “Electric Eel” in 2018

The calendar just turned to 2017, and we already have our first official new attraction announcement for 2018 – Electric Eel at SeaWorld San Diego.

Following the unprecedented opening of three new major attractions in 2017Ocean Explorer, the new Orca Encounter and the all-new summer nighttime extravaganza Electric OceanElectric Eel will cap a 24-month period of the most robust growth since the park’s opening more than five decades ago.

In a post on the SeaWorld Facebook page, the park says: “We’re excited for the opening of three new major attractions at SeaWorld San Diego this summer, but we’re even MORE excited for what’s in store for 2018! The Electric Eel roller coaster, featuring multiple-launch elements, high-energy twists, and heart-pounding loops, launches in summer 2018. Check it out!”

“Electric Eel will bring a whole new level of excitement to SeaWorld in 2018,” said SeaWorld San Diego’s Park President Marilyn Hannes. “This new, first-of-its-kind coaster at SeaWorld will give riders the rare opportunity to feel what it’s like to move like an eel as they twist and flip along nearly 900 feet of undulating track.”

Electric Eel is a Sky Rocket II model from Premier Rides, and will feature astounding loops, twists and airtime.  Multiple-launch experiences will propel riders forward and backward as they speed through the ride’s station house accelerating to more than 60 miles per hour in seconds. Riders then rocket skyward nearly 150 feet where they will brave an inverted “heartline” roll and a twisting loop for an exciting feeling of airtime as riders crest the top before breathlessly returning to the station.

This will be the second Premier Rides Sky Rocket II at a park in the SeaWorld Parks chain, after Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg opened in 2015. It is also the second Sky Rocket II in California, joining Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which opened back in 2012. Check out our reverse POV from Tempesto below!

We’ll update this post with more information when it becomes available.

Are you excited to ride Electric Eel in 2018? Excited that we’re already getting 2018 announcements? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 Responses

  1. CoDAce says:

    All I have to say about this is boring, I haven’t ridden a Sky Rocket II model but I just feel that
    They’re lazy, uninspired and an unfinished idea, like there was supposed to be a proper Sky Rocket III model that never came. Plus I just find them to be a snooze to look at.

    GaleForce is a better ride model than the Sky Rocket II IMHO. Much like the KI giga rumor this is one model that I want to see die and never come back.

  2. Nick says:

    How can a ride that hasn’t open and was delayed a year beat a model that has proven to be very successful? I’d take this model over a boomerang, SLC, or impulse any day. Of course, a custom layout would trump them all.

  3. Eric says:

    Electric Eel for SeaWorld San Diego isn’t too bad. Hopefully SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks have big plans for their parks in the future, including additional new coasters.