A-Z Coaster of the Week: Idora Wildcat

Welcome back to another installment in our “A-Z Coaster of the Week” series, where each week we feature a different coaster starting with a different letter of the alphabet. This week, we head back in time for our “I” coaster – the Idora Wildcat.

idora wildcat

The Wildcat was a classic wooden roller coaster located in an historic amusement park. Idora Park was established at the end of a trolley line in Youngstown, Ohio in 1899, and the Wildcat was built there in 1929. The Wildcat was instantly beloved by park-goers, featuring high speeds and drops that lifted riders out of their seats. The ride remained enormously popular for decades. In 1984, the last year the Wildcat operated, it was still considered one of the world’s best roller coasters.

But on April 26, 1984, a fire started by a spark from a welder’s torch ravaged the park. Park employees tried to put out the fire with hand extinguishers, but the flames spread quickly. Twelve fire companies responded to the scene, but they were too late. The fire spread to the Wildcat, and the wooden structure caught fire instantly. Though firemen were able to put out the blaze eventually, the coaster was destroyed. Only parts of the track remained, and the cost to repair it would be prohibitive. Without its star attraction, the Wildcat, Idora Park was doomed. In September of 1984, the park closed down for good. The charred remains of the Wildcat stood until 2001, when all remaining structures were demolished. Learn more about the park here.


Idora Wildcat POV

Take a ride on the Idora Wildcat by watching the video below.

Idora Wildcat Stats

  • Known for: Aggressive wood coaster
  • Location: Idora Park, United States
  • Type: Wood
  • Opened: 1930
  • Closed: 1984
  • Dismantled: 2001
  • Age when closed: 54 years
  • Years SBNO: 17
  • Designer/Manufacturer: PTC, Herbert Schmeck

Does the Idora Wildcat look like a classic coaster to you? Know anyone that visited the park and rode the coaster?

We’ll be back next Monday for the “J” coaster in our A-Z Coaster of the Week series! See the other coaster in this year’s “A-Z Coaster of the Week” series here.


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