Dutch Wonderland Opening Merlin’s Mayhem Suspended Coaster in 2017

Next summer, Dutch Wonderland will open Merlin’s Mayhem, a suspended roller coaster and the park’s first new roller coaster in nearly two decades.


The coaster will take guests on an “enchanted journey with Dutch Wonderland’s friendly magician, Merlin:”

Families will join Merlin on a high-flying adventure in search of his dragon friend, Mayhem, who has disappeared into the park. Thematic events, beginning in the queue, reveal the story of Mayhem and Merlin. Once guests board the ride, Merlin will begin giving clues and encouragement through on-board audio within the seats. As the enchanted flying machine returns to the station, the mischievous Mayhem is safely reunited with Merlin.

With its 60-foot-tall lift hill, Merlin’s Mayhem will become the tallest ride at Dutch Wonderland. The 1,300-foot layout will also feature two helix turns.

And with a 39-inch height requirement, Dutch Wonderland hopes the coaster can be enjoyed by “young and old alike.”

Merlin’s Mayhem will be manufacturer S&S Worldwide’s first foray into inverted/suspended coasters.

To learn more about Dutch Wonderland, visit the park’s website.

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