Reflections on Phantasialand’s Taron

A recent trip to Germany gave us the opportunity to experience Phantasialand’s new coaster coupling : the exceptionally unique Raik, Vekoma family coaster and it’s senior partner , the spectacular Taron, an Intamin multi launch coaster.

You could see from last year’s construction and updates from the park that this new area of the park, named Klugheim was going to be extreme in aspects of theming and detailing. This is on a grand scale here, even considering the great theming aspects in other areas in this park.

august 16 111

And when standing among these rides it’s difficult to believe that the structures aren’t in fact from a bygone era, this level of detail is rare in the amusement industry.

These coasters are also spectacular to watch for the non rider too.

august 16 114

It is the coasters  themselves which will I’m sure provoke most reaction and review, and they are an intriguing pairing.

Raik is the most exceptionally themed Vekoma junior boomerang style coaster, but you wouldn’t say the word junior is relevant in this case as it delivers a very fair experience of thrill and mild peril. An attraction which can be enjoyed by all, I think it will be a welcome addition to the park line up, and a type not common in mainland Europe.

august 16 107

Not only is Raik successful on it’s own merits, but it complements Taron well, in some places the tracks interlace and it can be difficult to tell the tracks apart.

august 16 103-001

But it is indeed Taron the Intamin  LSM launch coaster which will gain many fans among this year’s new coasters. And rightly so.

august 16 119

Much has been said about this ride, fitting snugly into the limited space available. It maximises what a coaster can be by creating a powerful series of launches followed by impossibly twisted transitions.

august 16 131

It’s final launch is the most powerful of any coaster anywhere at a reported 1.8G.

The strength of the range of attractions at Phantasialand mean for me it has an intense ride line up, and Taron certainly gives it an edge in this respect.

Sharp twisting track is literally everywhere.

august 16 123

The intensity of ride experience may mean that many will not immediately re-ride.

It is already proving popular with guests with long lines building up.

august 16 137

Taron has a high capacity and good operation meaning lines were rarely over 30-40 minutes on our visit.


This is a quality addition to one of Europe’s premier parks. It combines a great powerful ride with a quality environment that all guests will enjoy. I’m already excited about the next addition which won’t be far away.




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