InvadR Construction Update

While at Busch Gardens Williamsburg the other day, I made sure to take some time to snoop around (look over the fence) and see how the park’s newest coaster was coming along. InvadR will be the first wooden coaster at the park and will feature a 74 foot drop. With this addition, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is going to have a coaster collection that is truly world-class.

On to the construction site:

InvadR8This fence is protecting us from the Vikings… for now.InvadR7 This larger sign contains the names of those who helped choose the coaster’s name.InvadR2 If we look closely, we can see the name of fellow Coaster101 writer, Andrew.

InvadR1 InvadR6

I love a coaster that uses the terrain and it seems that InvadR will do a great job at doing just that.InvadR5 InvadR4 Not too many footers have been poured yet, but much of the land has been cleared. I expect that we will be seeing a lot more progress in the upcoming weeks. It will sure be interesting to see this coaster rise up and over the Le Scoot log flume!


It’s always fun to watch a coaster come together, especially when it interacts with another ride.

Stay tuned for more on my day at the park!

Watch a POV video of Invadr here.