Walibi Belgium Opens Pulsar Insane Launched Water Ride

Walibi Belgium recently debuted Pulsar, Mack Rides’ first ever “Power Splash” model — a launched, shuttle-style water coaster unlike anything we’ve ever seen.


Yes, a launched shuttle water coaster —a mouthful. And it operates two boats. But how does it work?


Thanks to a rotating station turntable, Pulsar is able to operate two 20-seat boats simultaneously. While one boat is loading/unloading, the other completes the ride cycle.


After the turntable aligns with the track, linear synchronous motors launch the boat backward into a small camelback hill. This camelback will provide plenty of airtime throughout the course.

During the 70-second ride, the LSMs launch the boats three times: gradually increasing to a top speed of 62 mph.


Pulsar’s “spikes” stand just under 15 stories tall, creating a giant “U” shape. The track stretches roughly 712 feet.

Walibi Belgium built a dam to drain water in order to build the coaster’s foundation and to cordon off Pulsar’s “splashdown pond” from the larger lake.


The boat gains speed as it launches forward and then backward…


…climbing higher and higher, gaining speed with each subsequent launch.


As the boat enters the reverse spike for the last time, the pool at the base of the spike fills with water in roughly six seconds. The boat careens down the spike and into the pool of water, which acts as a natural brake.

The boat reenters the turntable and rotates back inside the station.

The park released an on-ride POV video of Pulsar earlier this month:

And the video below from Mack Rides showcases some incredible off-ride footage of Pulsar:

Where would you like to see another Mack Rides “Power Splash” coaster? Share your ideas in the comments section below.