Alton Towers to “Launch” New Wood Coaster in 2018

Alton Towers has submitted a planning application to their local government to build a new wooden roller coaster scheduled to open in 2018. Code-named “Secret Weapon 8”, the plans show what appears to be a Great Coasters International terrain-hugging, twisted wooden roller coaster. The maximum height above the ground will only be around 33 feet, making this a more family-friendly coaster with an emphasis on fun. The actual plans are pictured below:

alton towers launched wood coaster plans

It has not been confirmed but the rumors suggest this will be the world’s second launched wooden roller coaster (after Dollywood’s Lightning Rod).

alton towers 2018 wooden coaster layout

The picture above is a fan made rendering by thecodemaster_ based on the submitted plans that gives an idea of what the coaster could look like.¬†The coaster will replace the park’s Log Flume attraction. Noise is a big concern for the neighbors of the park so a sound tunnel¬†will cover the entire first drop. An area at the entrance to the ride which will include a 140 second pre-show capable of holding 50 people.

sw8 plans for alton towers 2018

Keep in mind, the project has to be approved and 2018 is still a long ways away – plans could change or the layout could be tweaked. Maybe after the troubles with Lightning Rod they will reconsider the launch. Construction is expected to start in September.

What do you think of the planned layout for SW8 at Alton Towers?


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    I created that rendering that you used in the article a while back and I’d like you to credit me for it. I originally posted it on TowersTimes:


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