The Monster Opens and You’ve Got to See It’s Nighttime Lighting

The Monster has announced it’s surprise candidacy for best new coaster of 2016. Adventureland Park’s new steel beast officially opened to the public on Saturday, June 4th. Along The Monster’s 2,500 feet of track, riders will experience an 101 degree first drop, five inversions and ten moments of airtime. A unique element of the coaster will be its interaction with the nearby Sky Ride – it crosses over it’s neighbor eight separate times over the course of the ride, which you can see from the POV video of an early test ride below:

The Monster is the first Gerstlauer “Infinity” coaster in the United States. According to Gerstlauer’s website, the Infinity coaster features “infinite and spacious” ride vehicles with trains that can seat 8-32 riders, yet still navigate tight, twisted layouts like the company’s famous Euro-Fighter coasters. Here’s some off-ride footage of the coaster navigating the air time hills and crazy inversions:

What really blew me away though is the nighttime lighting package looks incredible. The track lights up as the car transverses it, then slowly fades to a blue color. Oh, and the monster’s eyes on the front of the car light up too. I’ve never seen anything like it at an amusement park before. Bravo to Adventureland Park for adding this unique feature to a very interesting looking ride.

the moster roller coaster with glowing eyes

the monster lighting

Here’s another nighttime video of Monster.

How do you think The Monster compares to the likes of other 2016 coasters, like Storm Chaser or Valravn?

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  1. It’s great to see such positive things about my home park. The lighting system was done by a Des Moines group called KCL Engineering. I was fortunate to be in the park one night when they were testing new RGB lights on the Space Shot tower, and got to meet them. Here is a recent article where they explain how it happened: