Lake Compounce Releases Phobia Phear On-Ride POV Video

Lake Compounce has released an on-ride POV video of its new-for-2016 Phobia Phear Coaster, which opened to the public last weekend.

Phobia Phear Coaster at Lake Compounce

The coaster is the fifth Premier “Sky Rocket II” model to open since 2012. To get a better idea of what the ride experience is like, read our review of Tempesto at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Phobia Phear Coaster stands 150 feet tall and features three launches (two forward launches and one backwards launch). Riders launch out of the station into a partial twist, then fall backward into the station for a backwards launch up another twist. The final launch blasts the 12-seat train at 62 mph into the 150-foot inline twist inversion, which leads into a non-inverting loop.

Watch the POV video below:

Phobia Phear Coaster is the park’s fifth coaster. To learn more, visit Lake Compounce’s website.

Phobia Phear Coaster at Lake Compounce

Have you ridden Phobia Phear or another Premier “Sky Rocket II” model? Share your thoughts about the ride experience in the comments section below.


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