Six Flags Dubai Theme Park to Open in 2019

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2 Responses

  1. LOL says:

    I think the Zacspin might be relocated from SFMM as Six flags hasn’t really built anything from intamin lately… and they might in fact build an S&S 4D coaster in replacement of it… and i think that small coaster by the sky screamer might be a unique wild mouse by Mack cause it looks like for the most part they will be working with Mack Rides and yea

  2. Jim Mosier says:

    lol @ relocating green lantern. Here’s why that makes no sense. The reason companies relocate rides is to save money on what the new market thinks is a ‘new’ attraction. There’s two big problems with your idea.

    1.Six Flags Dubai is only associated with Six Flags in name only. The park is actually owned and operated by a different entity whom pay six flags for the licensing fees to use the six flags brand name. So it’s not the same as six flags relocating a coaster between parks that they own… would be like giving the coaster to a different park entirely. Six Flags would want additional money for that from the actual owner of the park.

    2. relocating a coaster across land is one thing but having to pay for shipping charges across two oceans and a sea is a hefty pricetag!

    Relocating the coaster from sfmm to dubai is just a headache whereyou’re not even saving much money then just buying a new one. It makes no sense to do this at all. Whatever this is (and I agree it’s most likely an S&S freespin) it’s ging to be brand new

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