The Monster Goes Vertical at Adventureland

Adventureland’s “Monster” coaster is rising from the ground. The park has been sharing photos of the coaster’s progress on Facebook:


While the coaster hasn’t yet reached its 133-foot peak, the airtime hill between the “Omega loop” and the Immelmann loop is complete and looking great.

The Monster is the first Gerstlauer “Infinity” coaster in the United States. According to Gerstlauer’s website, the Infinity coaster features “infinite and spacious” ride vehicles with trains that can seat 8-32 riders, yet still navigate tight, twisted layouts like the company’s famous Euro-Fighter coasters.


The bottom of the 13-story drop is taking shape. Trains will reach a top speed of 65 mph after plunging down the 101-degree drop.

The Infinity model also features a “magnetic, silent, safety chain dog system that lowers the vehicles backwards in case of a power loss,” which eliminates the “click clack” sound heard on lift hills (I think I would miss that, but I digress).


The park is no doubt proud of this coaster, beautifully illuminating sections of the track upon arrival. It’s Adventureland’s first new coaster since the Underground wooden coaster opened in 1996. Twenty years is a long coaster drought.


The park also shared a photo of the mold for one of the coaster’s trains. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

The coaster is expected to open June 2016. For more information, visit the park’s Facebook page.

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