LEGOLAND Florida Resort Announces Expansion

LEGOLAND Florida Resort has been keeping themselves busy lately. After announcing LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure earlier this year, on this past Tuesday the park announced a major expansion which included an unprecedented five new projects.


Revealed first was the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat. Quoted from the press release, “this whimsically themed vacation resort combines the fun of surf, sand and sun with the creativity of LEGO bricks on a picturesque site next to Lake Dexter, adjacent to the theme park”. This new addition to the resort will include 83 beach villa-styled duplex units for a total of 166 separate accommodations. Amenities will include “a themed pool, a sandy play area, a buffet-style restaurant and complimentary transportation to and from the theme park”.  When you include this addition alongside the LEGOLAND Hotel, it appears that the theme park is determined to make LEGOLAND Florida a vacation destination, rather than another stop along the way! The LEGOLAND Beach Retreat is scheduled to open in mid-2017.


Next up was the announcement of LEGO NINJAGO World, a new section of the park themed after the popular NINJAGO franchise. The highlight of NINJAGO World was the revealing of LEGO NINJAGO The Ride. The new ride will be an interactive 4D dark ride. According to the press release, “up to four guests per vehicle blast animated fireballs, lightning, shockwaves and ice using nothing more than their hands as they travel through dojos mastering their skills before teaming up to defeat a powerful villain. Riders collect points and scores are displayed when each quest is complete”. From the looks of the videos shown at the reveal, the ride will be very similar to Toy Story Midway Mania! at Disney Hollywood Studios.


Revealed next was Creative Cove featuring Build-A-Boat. Build-A-Boat will be the first expansion at the LEGOLAND Water Park. From the press release, “kids can create and race LEGO watercraft through fast-flowing rivers alongside cheering crowds in a setting inspired by the popular LEGO City Coast Guard sets”. Other additional items included in this reveal were additional dining options, increased seating capacity, and complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the water park. Creative Cove featuring Build-A-Boat is now open at the theme park.


Next in line at the reveal was LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS 4D: The Book of Creativity. NEXO KNIGHTS 4D will be a new 4D movie shown at the Wells Fargo Fun Town 4D Theater. From the press release, “set in the futuristic Kingdom of Knighton, this all-new theatrical attraction pits five young knights against the evil Jestro and his sidekick, the Book of Monsters, in a battle for control of a rare book of magic that gives its owner tremendous power”. The movie will be a “12 1/2-minute immersive experience” that “combines 3D computer animation with 4D, real-world effects”. During the interview portion of the reveal event, the LEGOLAND staff member placed emphasis on NEXO KNIGHTS being the next hit LEGO franchise, with there also being a newly released TV show, a full line of toys, and interactive apps on iOS and Android. It was also pointed out that NEXO KNIGHTS 4D would be on rotation with the LEGO Movie 4D, so park goers will be sure to get to experience both! NEXO Knights 4D is set to open on May 26, 2016.


Last was the announcement of LEGOLAND Night Lights Summer 2016. From the press release, LEGOLAND Night Lights will be “a celebration of summertime fun featuring extended park hours, meet-and-greet opportunities with favorite LEGO characters, exclusive opportunities to build alongside LEGO Master Model Builders and a spectacular, brick-tacular NINJAGO fireworks display”. While not specifically mentioned in the release, I noticed the 3D glasses throughout the promotional media (as well as being handed out to media members) and asked about it. Apparently the Night Lights fireworks show will also be immersive with 3D effects! LEGOLAND Night Lights will take place every Saturday and Sunday from June 18 to July 31 2016.

With all the various upcoming expansions at the other theme parks throughout Central Florida, LEGOLAND Florida was certainly not going to be left behind.   With multiple accommodations between the LEGOLAND Hotel and Beach Retreat, a water-park, and new attractions being consistently added, it looks like they are serious in wanting to be considered a vacation destination!



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