Joker Construction Tour at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

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3 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    I was just wondering if they have a tentative date for opening. I’m out here for college and will be headed back to the east coast in late May. Do you think it will open before then?

    • Coaster101 (Eric) says:

      Sadly none yet (and when asked the RMC Foreman said only “it’ll be open on time”), but I’m guessing it will be some time in May. One reference point is that Twisted Colossus opened May 23 last year, one week before Memorial Day. That’s also when Dare Devil Chaos opened at SFDK last season, so if I had to guess I’d put it somewhere right around a week before Memorial Day. Hopefully you won’t be leaving until the very end of may, Ben!

      We will likely be doing another construction tour in April and might be able to get a better answer for you then.

  2. Brmlob says:

    How much did this coat to build? ?

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