Kings Dominion to add “Delirium” in 2016

There was great speculation of what would replace the now-closed (and for sale) Shockwave at Kings Dominion when the park announced the coaster’s August 9 closure in July. We now know what will be occupying that space — “Delirium.”


Delirium will be located in the Candy Apple Grove section of the park and is set to open in the spring of 2016.

Delirium is a powerful, spinning pendulum on which 40 riders will be strapped into their seats, facing outward on a giant ring. As their feet dangle, they begin slowly swinging back and forth while the ring starts to rotate. The ride quickly gains momentum and before they know it, riders are getting swirling views of the park. On Delirium, guests soar to a height of 115 feet at a maximum arc angle of 120 degrees.

“Thrills come in all different sizes here at Kings Dominion and the addition of Delirium reflects our commitment to providing exciting experiences for our guests,” says Pat Jones, Vice President and General Manager of Kings Dominion. “We pride ourselves on being home to a variety of rides and attractions that offer something for all generations to enjoy. Delirium will make a great addition to our park.”

Similar Frisbee attractions exist at other Cedar Fair parks. Cedar Point (maXair) and King’s Island (Delirium) have Huss “Giant Frisbees,” with a similar ride to Kings Dominion’s Delirium, but each featuring 50 seats compared to Kings Dominion’s 40. Both California’s Great America (Delirium) and Dorney Park (Revolution) have inward-facing frisbee-style Chance “Revolution” rides.

Construction will begin this fall after Shockwave is dismantled.

For more information, stay tuned to Coaster101.




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