Cedar Point 2016 Dive Coaster Leaked?

When Cedar Point announced GateKeeper in August of 2012, most roller coaster fans already knew exactly what the ride was going to be. In May 2012, a leaked memo revealed the addition for the 2013 season was going to be a new B&M wingcoaster. Then, a few days before the official announcement, the complete plans were briefly visible on the park’s website for a test but coaster enthusiasts quickly grabbed screenshots and began sharing them on multiple forums and sites. By the time the park officially announced the ride, the name and layout were already well known.

And this year it appears history has repeated itself.

In January of 2015, the Sandusky Register reported another leaked memo that claimed Cedar Point would be building a $15 million B&M dive coaster for the 2016 season. In May 2015, Cedar Point trademarked the name “Valravn” leaving many to speculate this as the name of the new coaster (not a misspelling, Valravn is Danish “raven of the slain”). The leaked memo also listed several stats including a 223 foot height and 3,625 feet of track. In early August, Cedar Point posted this image revealing the official announcement date when “history will be made”:


In conjunction with the announcement date, Cedar Point also released a new Cedar Point VR app (that appears to have since been removed).

cedarpoint vr

I was able to download the app a few days ago. Here’s what it currently looks like:

Cedar Point VR app for Valravn.

A video posted by Nick (@ntweisen) on

Notice how it says the word “Dive” for no apparent reason?

Today, someone (exact source is unknown) discovered several images of the new dive coaster’s layout and logo hidden inside the app’s files and posted them online where they’ve been making the rounds on all the coaster forums.

The Cedar Point portion of the logo appears to match the same found on invitations sent out to various media members. The coaster’s leaked layout shows two ninety degree drops, an Immelman, a dive loop, and a corkscrew leading into a downward spiral for a total of three inversions.

valravn logo cedar point cedar point 2016 roller coaster layout
A Reddit user photo-shopped the leaked Valravn layout onto an overhead image of the park showing how it might fit it. They believe the entrance will be behind Raptor where the Turnpike Cars used to be., which makes sense to me.


Not sure if this is from the leak or a fan re-creation, but it does match the leaked layout pretty well:

We’ll find out for sure what Cedar Point has in store for 2016 on August 18th. I still want to know more about the VR aspect, as the Toledo Blade reported that Cedar Fair will “test a virtual reality component on one of its roller coasters later this year.”

What do you think? Valravn confirmed or is the park purposely misleading us?


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