Universal Studios Florida Shines in Sharknado 3

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, the third installment in the satirical, sharks-in-a-tornado TV movie franchise, premiered on SyFy tonight. Spoiler alert: it was so bad that it was — still really bad.

The acting was just as (if not more) terrible than the film’s two predecessors. But the one thing that brought me back for more shark-filled cyclones was the role Universal Orlando played in the film (the SyFy channel is owned by NBCUniversal). No matter how bad a movie is, if roller coasters are involved, I’ll probably watch.

Luckily for anyone who didn’t have the patience to sit through the two hours of cinematic torture, Universal Orlando tweeted some of the most memorable moments from the theme park’s scenes. Enjoy:

Despite an opening scene that depicts mass chaos and casualties in Washington D.C., all is well at Universal Orlando.

Even Universal Orlando President Bill Davis is on hand to greet guests as they enter the park:

A way-too-long scene shows the iconic Universal Studios globe detached from the ground and turned into a kickball of sorts:

The filmmakers probably decided to extend this segment as it was easier to animate a giant sphere rather than additional sharks:

I would probably pay an additional fee to go for a spin inside the globe (maybe without the sharks):

But if you sat through the entire scene, the globe did manage to serve somewhat of a purpose:

At one point in the film, a shark latches onto a Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit train (and devours a ride operator in the process) because why not?

I’m not sure if Maurer (the manufacturer of the coaster) would approve of on-ride shark attacks.

I have to admit, I found it clever how some of the lesser-known Universal attractions were incorporated into the film, such as Disaster:

As one could assume, Universal’s Harry Potter attractions did not have any cameos.

Few members of the cast were spared from poorly animated carnage. Jerry Springer included:

It’s a shame that Universal Studios Florida’s Jaws ride is no more. I’m sure Sharknado’s popularity would make for a great “refresh.” But the Twister attraction (which also makes a cameo in the film) is still around. After watching Sharknado 3, anything is possible.

If you’re still interested in more Sharkando 3, watch a behind-the-scenes video below which features more footage from Universal Orlando:

Did you watch Sharknado 3? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments section below.

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