Lake Compounce Announces “Phobia” for 2016

Lake Compounce, the United States’ oldest theme park, announced their new roller coaster, Phobia Phear Coaster, today. It is “the single largest investment” in Lake Compounce’s 168-year history.



Watch an animation of Phobia below:

Phobia is a Premier Rides “Sky Rocket 2” model, similar to Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It will be the park’s first new roller coaster since “Boulder Dash” opened in 2000.


photo via @thrillgeek

Phobia will feature three launches and a slow barrel roll 150′ in the air. Judging by the image below, it will be similar to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Superman Ultimate Flight and have two cars of six people as opposed to Tempesto’s 3 car trains.


Lake Compounce teased the new attraction on social media, using the hashtag, #whatsintheboxlc

Are you excited to ride Phobia? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Responses

  1. CoDAce says:

    Why Lake Compounce, why. You brought us the one-of-a-kind and unique Boulder Dash in 2000, now you’re getting a generic clone that I strongly feel is lazy and uninspired for a park that brought us a wooden coaster built into the side of a mountain.

    I kind of understand as they’re a fairly small park, but like Busch Gardens Williamsburg I hold them to a higher standard than getting a cookie-cutter coaster, and it’s the same as this.

    I honestly feel that clone rides have a place, small parks and small rides like the Vekoma Boomerangs, Wild Mouse coasters are good for any park, but when it comes to bigger clones, that’s when I start to have a problem, I consider the Sky Rocket 2 a big clone. In parks known for having clones I understand, but when parks like Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Lake Compounce, parks known for their one-of-a-kind coasters, even Verbolten, a ride that I despise so much for what potential it wasted, I would say it’s only there, even if you took away the terrain elements and left the building you could build it anywhere.

    You can do better Lake Compounce, you brought us Boulder Dash in 2000 and Wildcat in 1927, it may fall into the more generic PTC golden age, but it’s a one-of-a-kind coaster.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Boulder Dash Mountain Coaster reminds me of a ride from Six Flags New England