Kings Dominion’s Shockwave to Close for Good on August 9

In a video posted to the park’s Social Media Channels, Kings Dominion has announced the impending closure of Shock Wave, a Togo Stand-Up Coaster that has been operating at the park since 1986.

The coaster has given over 22 million rides in its 29 years of operation, and was the last operating Togo Stand-up Coaster in North America.


photo ©Kings Dominion

Riders have until August 9 to “take the final stand” on Shock Wave.

According to Theme Park Review, the ride is being removed for future expansion.

We were at Kings Dominion last Thursday and were able to ride Shockwave (not knowing it would likely be our last ride). See photos of the coaster below:

Stay tuned to for more information!


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2 Responses

  1. Zach says:

    My wife and I took our first trip to KD on Wednesday and Shockwave for the first time. It was probably the most painful steel roller coaster I’ve ever ridden. Good riddance.

  2. CoDAce says:

    Unlike Thunder Road, which bugs me as from what I can tell Hurler is the worse of the wooden coasters there, Shockwave’s removal on the other hand doesn’t, it’s not a very well-liked ride, this removal makes sense to me.

    My only possible issue is that this is Cedar Fair’s progress to erase all stand up coasters from their parks, and I’m not cool with that, Six Flags isn’t doing that. They’ve already converted Mantis and the rumors say that Vortex in California is next and Skyrider is on it’s way to Europe (thankfully as that one was one of the more liked Togo coasters). That aside I’m good with that.

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