Cannibal Opens at Lagoon

After years of planning and construction, Lagoon’s in-house Cannibal coaster has finally opened to the public.

The coaster quietly opened unannounced yesterday at 3 p.m. for a “preliminary soft opening.”

Today, the park acknowledged the coaster’s opening as well as advised about potential delays:

During Lagoon’s limited public opening of Cannibal, guests may experience late openings and brief interludes in order to perform maintenance and make adjustments. Lagoon will do its best to minimize down times. We appreciate your patience!

Cannibal features a 208-foot-tall enclosed tower, a 116-degree beyond-vertical drop and five inversions: one Immelmann, a double heartline roll, a cutback and a dive loop.

The coaster represents a $22-million investment for Lagoon. The unique coaster was designed, engineered and built by Lagoon and a myriad of local and Utah companies.

Watch an on-ride POV video of Cannibal below:

Have you ridden Cannibal yet? Share your thoughts about the coaster in the comments section below.