Jurassic World Filmed at Six Flags New Orleans

When I heard that the box-office-monster Jurassic World was partially filmed at the shuttered Six Flags New Orleans, I was excited and intrigued. But after seeing the movie, I was a bit confused.


Photo © Keoni 101

There were no rusting roller coasters.


Photo © John Von Curd

There were no dilapidated buildings. These are the only sights of the abandoned New Orleans amusement park that come to mind. Plus, the other movies that have used the park as a giant set piece have taken advantage of the apocalyptic atmosphere.


If you haven’t seen the film yet, you should. It’s summer-blockbuster fun from start to finish. I left longing for a real Jurassic World theme park (minus the escaped dinosaurs).

After doing some research, I learned that the theme park’s midway set (as seen above) was built in the Six Flags New Orleans parking lot. So one could assume that none of the actual park appeared in the film. After analyzing a satellite view, I was able to confirm:


You can see the midway layout and building beginning to take shape.

The below satellite image shows a more complete version of the massive set piece:


See a satellite view of Six Flags New Orleans here.

UPDATE: After checking with Google Maps, it appears that everything has been cleared from the site except for the pavement outline of the midway (as of this year):


It’s a shame the park can’t be transformed into a permanent theme park tribute to Jurassic World. One can dream.

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  1. Maikel says:

    Yeah you are right! Look at this video @ around 10:26 and you will see the countours still remain. I wonder what they are building now right there on the parking lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npQdexxfn7U