Cedar Point Opens Rougarou

Cedar Point today unleashed its stand-up-to-floorless converted B&M coaster, Rougarou. The once stand-up coaster formerly known as Mantis now sports sleek new floorless trains giving the coaster an entirely new ride experience.

Experience Rougarou for yourself by watching the ride in action below:

Named after a terrifying werewolf-like creature in French folklore, Rougarou [roo-guh-roo] feeds on screams and lurks in and around the swampy lagoon at the center of the park, shared with other coasters like Iron Dragon and Top Thrill Dragster.

Mantis opened in 1996 and closed in October of last year.

Mantis’ Red, Yellow, and Blue track will be repainted a bright orange with dark blue supports. The track layout will remain the same, and will feature 4 inversions, and speeds approaching 60 mph.

The coaster’s layout stretches 3,900 feet.


Have you ridden Rougarou yet? What did you think? How does it compare to Mantis? Discuss in the comments section below.